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Your AED 24/7 care free monitored with the smart bracket


The smart bracket

With an AED within reach you can save a life. But is the device still functioning? How can you detect a failure? When do the batteries need to be exchanged? With the technology of DefibCom we are able to monitor your AED remotely and service the unit when necessary.

The smart AED bracket monitors the Defibtech AED permanently on functionality and presence. The design bracket comes with a lightening AED logo as a standard to make sure the AED is recognizable at all times.

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Your AED care free under control

Slechts €5,00 per maand

Get yourself connected

Rely on your AED and save on maintenance in three steps
  1. 124/7 Live Monitoring of your AED
  2. 2Permanent control on presence, status and storage conditions
  3. 3Saving on cost of maintenance